How To Make Payroll Outsourcing Work For You

This book is a blueprint for employers transitioning to a managed payroll model while retaining complete control of the function. 

Payroll disasters are readily reported in the press, can cause significant fines for non-compliance, major brand damage and poor employee morale. If you want to ensure that you are running payroll best-practice in 2020 and beyond, this book is for you.

In this book you will learn;

  • Why Outsource?
  • Feasibility of Outsourcing
  • Common Mistakes & Misconceptions
  • Technical Options & Considerations
  • Top Tips on Working With a Managed Payroll Service
  • Payroll Compliance

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What others are saying about this book...

"With Tracy's incomparable knowledge of the payroll landscape, a book like this is going to save any organisation a lot of time and money when it comes to deciding on payroll outsourcing"

Dylan de Szabo // CEO, D-BIT APAC

"This latest book from Tracy Angwin co-written with Andre Atton leads the reader through a robust assessment of the relative value of outsourced vs in-house processed payroll. And there is practical advice for applying the information to the reader's own organisation.

I don't know anyone better qualified to write a book about payroll outsourcing than Tracy and Andre"

Greg McManus // Managing Director, Payroll Metrics

We exist to help businesses be free of payroll

You’re not in the business of payroll. We are. It’s really that simple. If you’ve been trying to do it in-house, or thought about trying to off-shore it, but understand that it’s not worth the risk then you’ve come to the right place. Finally, complete payroll peace of mind is a mere few weeks away. 

Offshoring is too risky

If you’re only looking at cost per payslip unfortunately you’re looking at the wrong metrics. The real cost of payroll isn’t about driving the lowest payslip cost, it’s the hidden costs of when something goes wrong on a variation. With a veritable quagmire of legislation and regulation, the financial and reputation damage to a business for a breach can boarder on the catastrophic. So the headline that we aim for around payroll is that we guarantee to keep our clients out of the headlines — and that’s a headline worth writing about.  

Payroll is a people business

If your corporate documentation states something like, ‘Our people are our greatest asset’ then you’ll be delighted to know we’ve figured out how to do the right thing by your people. It involves having a 100% onshore team, with 100% qualified staff and one dedicated manager to call for instant clarification on those 20% of variations that used to cause 99% of your headaches. We also take the time to train and engage your staff so they can self-serve their payroll data and processes that are sitting in the cloud. And we understand that time really is money so we can have your new payroll solution 100% deployed in as little as two weeks.  

Confidence needs both trust and transparency

We understand that payroll is your reputation on the line every pay cycle. So we make sure there’s never any unpleasant surprises. We guarantee this with our 100% accuracy and cost transparency policies, letting you see and manage your monthly operating costs with new levels of certainty — and as strategic alliance partners of the Australian Payroll Association (Australia’s leading payroll association) you can rest assured that we’re not just staying compliant with today’s best practice, but we’re working on ‘next practice’ for even better payroll tomorrow.  

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